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Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution businesses achieve new operational efficiencies and supply chain excellence with OCR’s mobility solutions.

Razor thin margins make efficient inventory and warehouse management the true difference between success and failure. Compounded by unpredictable fluctuations in market demand, it’s more difficult that ever to know just what to stock, when and how to deliver it, and how much you’ll need.

With little to no room for error, making the right decisions and getting it done efficiently requires that the most up-to-the-minute information be available to key workers on-demand. OCR delivers a wide range of proven mobility solutions that empower route delivery sales force, planners, fleet managers and warehouse staff with the ability to input and access real-time data for system-wide visibility – driving wholesale improvements in your operational efficiency and margins.

OCR's wholesale and distribution solutions harness wireless and mobility technologies to allow companies to:

  • Respond quickly to ever changing customer demands
  • Significantly increase inventory turns and accuracy
  • Reduce labour costs and increase productivity
  • Provide real-time access to data for making smarter decisions
  • Locate supplies quickly and accurately
  • Track inventory to reduce shrinkage and protect your bottom line
  • Streamline processes from the loading dock to the shipping dock and all area in between
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