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OCR solutions empower retailers with the real-time data solutions required to transform the customer experience and optimize retail operations.

Consumers today have become more selective than ever, with a vast range of purchasing options open to them. With intensive competition for their loyalty, retailers must carefully streamline and manage in-store and warehouse operations to eliminate waste, meet customer demands, and secure their loyalty.

Both operational efficiencies and a streamlined, enhanced customer experience are enabled by OCR’s real-time wireless and mobility solutions. By ensuring crucial decision-making information is in the customers, employees or managers’ hands – whether at the point of sale or in the warehouse – OCR enables the visibility, efficiency and service levels that set retailers apart…and secure their futures.

OCR's barcode, wireless and mobile solutions can enable retail organizations to: 

  • Respond quickly to ever changing customer demands
  • Significantly increase inventory turns and accuracy
  • Provide mobile payment solutions like line busting and sidewalk sales
  • Reduce labour costs and increase productivity
  • Enable the store associate with real-time access to data for making smarter decisions
  • Locate supplies quickly and accurately
  • Track inventory to reduce shrinkage and protect your bottom line
  • Streamline processes from the loading dock to the point of sale and all area in between
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