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Working across the multitude of steps in the manufacturing process, OCR’s wireless and mobility solutions can help streamline and automate, lowering costs and boosting output.

No matter how simple or complex the manufacturing supply chain is, there is a constant drive to maximize efficiency at every turn. Efficiency helps protect against variations in material and labour costs, but the traditional methodologies can become stagnant without harnessing the latest technology.

With the enterprise mobility experts at OCR, your organization can profit from the addition of barcoding and RFID technology systems to help track inventory, monitor work-in-process and manage inbound and outbound logistics. OCR has the ruggedized and specialized solutions that your employees can depend on as they reach new levels of productivity.

Mobility and barcode solutions can help your manufacturing operations to:

  • Improve throughput and space utilization
  • Sync supply with demand
  • Improve customized product capabilities
  • Ensure consistent product quality
  • Monitor KPIs and manage applications like forecasting on the go
  • Enhance product traceability and quality
  • Improve efficiency of inspections and quarantine
  • Identify and improve under-performing systems
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