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Hospitality providers make superior service their signature, empowered with OCR’s mobility solutions that ensure both the customer and operational efficiency are king.

Nowhere is superior service a more critical success factor than in the hospitality industry. Ensuring your guests’ total satisfaction and delight demands an empowered staff, and operational processes that allow quick and complete response to every service need.

With wireless mobility solutions from OCR, new avenues of service excellence become available, such as tableside ordering and payment, and immediate logging and tracking of customer service requests from anywhere in your facilities. Back-office management is also empowered to streamline crucial areas like inventory management, asset tracking and maintenance operations – from wherever they are. All via OCR solutions’ real-time access to key operational data.

OCR's mobility solutions can provide hospitality organizations with the ability to:

  • Empower your staff with the tools to satisfy your guests
  • Automate your processes to avoid safety and quality problems
  • Streamline and error proof your order and payment process
  • Stay well stocked with the things you need to serve your guests
  • Shorten lines and provide data in real time
  • Stay on top of where all your assets are
  • Add wireless internet access to your list of amenities
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