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OCR wireless solutions give providers the anytime, anywhere access to critical patient data and supporting information to drive higher quality, efficiency and security in healthcare service delivery and management.

Healthcare organizations today face ever-increasing pressure to improve their patient service levels and flexibility, necessitating optimal healthcare worker efficiency and productivity. Meanwhile, insurance providers demand tightly controlled service delivery costs, and sensitive patient data must be made readily available and yet strictly secured.

OCR solutions for healthcare ensure that providers have the information they need at and beyond the point of care. They enable the fastest and highest service levels, together with unmatched efficiency in accessing, collecting and securing healthcare data through barcodes and RFID. At the same time, they empower administrators with unprecedented efficiency and control in healthcare asset tracking and management. OCR provides the wireless solution security, performance, and value healthcare organizations need to deliver superior service while keeping costs in check.

OCR's mobility solutions for healthcare organizations can:

  • Extend mobility to the point of care and beyond
  • Share real-time information anywhere, inside or outside the facility, for increased patient safety and more attentive care
  • Focus on patient care, no paper based systems
  • Ensure that the right patient receives the right medication, the right dose, by the right route, at the right time
  • Spend less on labour to locate valuable hospital assets and employees
  • Improve accuracy and speed diagnosis
  • Help caregivers spend more time with their patients
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