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Mission-critical information to power superior public service levels is at government and first-responder agencies’ fingertips…enabled by real-time mobility solutions from OCR.

Government agencies ranging from the military to emergency responders like police and fire departments all depend on ultra-reliable, accurate and secure data in delivering the protection and services the public demands. With ever-tightening budgets and ever-increasing service demands, these agencies must continually do more with less, while fulfilling their service mandates to serve and protect.

OCR provides federal, provincial and local governments and public service agencies with the wireless and mobility solutions to manage their operations and assets for higher levels of efficiency and service delivery. From needs analysis and systems definition to deployment and ongoing support, OCR helps government and first responders create powerful real-time communications systems and processes that ensure outstanding operations, efficiency and service levels.

Governments, educational institutions and other public sector service organizations can achieve new levels of service and greater efficiencies with advantages such as:

  • Speed response times to emergencies
  • Synchronize diverse teams of service workers
  • Access critical support data in the field
  • Improve location and travel efficiency with GPS and supporting applications
  • Automate recording of key communications
  • Reduce need for cumbersome paperwork and redundant data entry in the field
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